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FHI Life & Property Protection Systems


When you're thinking about security, you have to ask yourself "How much do I really need or want"? When, where, and how do I want to stop someone from gaining access to my home or business. If they do get access, what are my options? What about the safety of my family? What if there's a fire, or carbon monoxide emergency?
Let's look at the different layers of protection:

  • Perimeter Protection - This comes in several forms. The first layer would be to contact all exterior doors. Second would be all accessible windows. There are also glass break sensors, which enhances your window contacts. You may want to wire your screens if you have casement windows. This allows you to open a window on a nice day and still be protected. A third could be a driveway contact to announce someone coming on to your property. There are motion and pressure sensing devices that can be installed to capture, notify, or deter someone trying to gain access to your premises. It all depends on what your needs are. You can even contact the mailbox to notify you when your mail has arrived!
  • Interior protection - This is where your 2nd level of protection comes in to place. Someone has made it past the 1st level and is inside. Motion sensors strategically placed will pick them up. Pressure sensors can be installed in certain critical areas, and you can even install audio detection devices.
  • Right now, in Nassau County alone, local building codes vary throughout the different townships on carbon monoxide protection. It will be a while before they finally standardize this, and force the protection in areas that are needed. The new building codes as of 2003 are producing a much tighter house. Every area of your home where inside and outside air can mix, are being sealed by order of our building codes. This makes the results of carbon monoxide even more dangerous than before. Our C.O. detection devices are much smaller than the 120v models and we put them where they will provide the best protection.                             
  • Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Smoke…..  the most important reason to have a protection system from Futuristic Home.  We have found that in most cases when a fire breaks out, the first instinct is to try to put it out.  Then when that doesn’t work, try to save my stuff.  Then after all that time has elapsed and the fire is doubling every minute in size, no one has called the fire department yet.  Our life & property protection system will notify our central station that is staffed with professionals 24/7.  As soon as our detection devices have been alerted, within minutes the local fire department is notified and is on the road.  While all this is taking place, Futuristic Homes’ life and protection system can light up key areas of your house, set of an audible alert, & turned of air circulation systems to give you that extra edge you need to protect your most valued possessions – your family.
  • We use the smallest devices on the market to date whenever possible, offering a practically invisible protection system.  We feel your home should look like a home, not a security showroom.
  • It’s a proven fact that children don’t hear the smoke detector alarms at night.  Our protection system offers load audible voice commands signaling fire or carbon alarms along with the siren and smoke detector signals.  This triple form of protection is offered by Futuristic Home to give you and your family the ultimate protection system available.


Do I need video surveillance?
How much, what type, and do I need to record it and have off premise access to the video? Let's take a look at what's available and what we recommend:

  • First, decide on what you want to monitor. Where do you want to place the cameras, and what type of cameras do you need or want. Some location choices to rolex replica think about: Front door, back yard, pool, playroom, baby's room, driveway, garage, and office. Do I want the cameras visible or hidden? Do I want color or black and white, and how much resolution do I need or want. Does the camera have to have Pan/Tilt/Zoom capabilities? These questions correspond to a large variety of camera choices. Once these decisions have been make, now we can decide on what you want to do with the video information.
  • How, where & when do I want to be able to view the video? Do I want the video displayed constantly or only when someone enters the area? Do I want it available on my home televisions, or do I need a special monitor or Touch screen installed to view the video? Do I replica watches want to have off premise access to the video at any time? Do I want to record the information, and what type of recording equipment do I want or need? Today’s technology offers Digital Video recording (DVR). An I.P. addressable DVR now gives you off premise access to the video any time and any place you can get online.
  • What level of quality do I need or want to view on or off premise surveillance? How long do I want to maintain recordings? 
  • We prewire your premises for all types of camera options so you can change, adjust, or upgrade to any camera when desired or needed.
Once we know the answers to the questions, we can design the right system for your needs. 

Elderly or Patient Care Solutions

  • We provide Personal Emergency Reporting systems.  Pendant or wrist worn transmitters can notify our central station immediately if you or a family member needs medical attention or help
  • We offer automated features to monitor the following:
  • Two way medication replica watches uk notifications
  • Two way water leak notification in case a faucet is left on
  • Two way gas notification in case of a gas leak due to a stove being left on and flame goes out
  • Two way notification in case stove is left on for a period of time
  • Video and audio communications to front door with provisions to open door remotely if necessary

Our two way communications create an audible and visible alert for patient or family member, along with an automated call to a family member whether the alert was received or not. 
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